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This mono flap available in the sizes 16/17/18 inches, recommended for riders who prefer the mono flap, totally in double leather, unique size, available also in the SL (shoulder free) version.


Developed in cooperation with expert saddlers and dressage riders.
The shared goal was to create a very technical and innovative saddle, comfortable and characterised by a new design: a saddle which respects the anatomy of modern horses and which is capable of working with the upper thigh and knee with most possible synergy. If you look closely at the most innovative details: you will see that the block isn’t attached to the sweat flap, but directly on the saddle flap. The saddle’s dimensions also give it a very exclusive and decidedly innovative look.


Tested at length by the champion who gave it her name and by many other professional riders, this saddle demonstrates its excellence by improving the horse’s gait and the rider’s seat.

Our Price: $5,800.00

The Elena double flap Dressage saddle is one of the two versions of the LATEST DESIGN Dressage Saddle launched by Erreplus Italian Saddlery.
It represents the perfect combination of tradition and technology. The saddle is designed for the modern dressage horses; the big movers with deep shoulders and short backs.
This close contact saddle GIVES the rider the sensation of moving with the horse. The firm blocks on the saddle PLACE the legs in a more forward position providing support without blocking the rider's range of movement. These technical features, combined with a deeper and more open seat are PROVIDING MAXIMUM COMFORT AND GREATER PERFORMANCE TO THE RIDER


The Vittoria Mono flap Dressage saddle, is the second version of the LATEST DESIGN Dressage Saddle launched by Erreplus Italian Saddlery.


Erreplus new dressage saddle The Freestyle has a more comfortable seat and options of two length of flaps for longer or shorter leg riders.

Our Price: $6,000.00