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Lorenzini Titanium Hind Boots Lorenzini Titanium Hind Boots

The Lorenzini Titanium Hind Boots are the latest and greatest in new and protective technology. These boots are designed to prevent painful bangs, bumps, or bruises. They are equipped with titanium branches and central and side protective inserts, which are subjected to a sandblasting process to zirconium and a subsequent passivation. The titanium inserts are made to provide a protective barrier for your horses legs. Titanium is lightweight and durable, with the strongest strength-to-weight ratio than any other metal on the planet.

Our Price: $260.00
Lorenzini Titanium Jump Fetlock Lorenzini Titanium Jump Fetlock

Protections fetlock brand Lorenzini, titanium inserts, Jumping model. The protections Jumping Lorenzini, are specifically developed for the show jumping. The higher middle section is asymmetric, formulated specifically to fit the knuckle, completely protecting and absorbing any shock. In the body of FETLOCK are arranged 4 layers of gel-rotating shock absorber, the lateral inserts in pure titanium protect the horse in all phases of movement. Adjustable in three different positions, due to two soft elastic straps with Velcro closure.

Our Price: $260.00
Lorenzini Tendon Boots Lorenzini Tendon Boots

New Generation Tendon boot by Lorenzini – Breathable neoprene for complete comfort of the horse, protecting them from sweat, bacteria and moisture – Central and side inserts in titanium – The upper asymmetrical midsection perfectly adapts to the limbs of each specimen, ensuring total security and better shock absorption – Helps prevent rubbing of horses ankles – Quick and easy to wear with two elastic straps as closure, which are adjustable in three different positions – Inserts are subjected to a sandblasting precess to zirconium and a subsequent passivation which make them suitable and resistant to intensive use – Aesthetically pleasing and perfect for any occasion from daily workouts to horse shows.

Our Price: $290.00