Each Erreplus Saddle tree is available in 3 sizes: 16/17/18 inches and is adaptable and can be modified to fit several withers widths. The widths go from 29 to 37, but the basic width is 33, a size which is considered standard for most modern horses. The rear rolls of both saddles are of a standard medium size whereas the knee rolls are available in several sizes: small, standard or large.

By carefully analysing the technical and physical characteristics of several riders with whom we have worked, we have been able to differentiate our saddle trees in the seat and the withers. In particular, for the (JD) deep tree, the rider will have a more advanced posture, which is found to be very useful for working on level ground and allows better contact with the leg during the aerial phase of the jump. On the other hand the flat tree (JF), while offering an excellent seat, enhances the rider’s comfort on level ground work and during the jump approaching phase.