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The JR2 The JR2

The JR2 is a semi flat seat saddle made of Italian Double bull leather. The upper part of the flap is made with a softer thinner leather to allow better leg contact on the horse.

This new material is characterized by high grip and is very resistant in time. After having appreciated the characteristics of the leather we focus on the technical aspects: you will see that the tree has a particular anatomy in the front part which allows more freedom of movement to the horse’s shoulders.

The central front hole inside the tree gives maximum comfort to the rider during pressure or backward bending of the pelvis.
You can choose between 3 colors: Black, Dark Brown or Light Brown.
Shoulder Free panels are an extra $300

Our Price: $6,000.00
The EContact The EContact

The Erreplus E-contact monoflap jump saddle has a uniquely designed tree that allows the rider more freedom of movement to adjust their position during Cross Country or Show Jumping while providing both excellent comfort of the knee. The rider will experience great balance.

For the comfort and performance of the horse we developed a wider contact thru the all panels and also very flexible over the scapula to offer best freedom over jumps.

The panels are available in standard and SL (Shoulder Free panels)- $300 extra.

Contact us for a fitting 434-989-8803

Our Price: $6,000.00
The JH The JH

The Erreplus Hunter saddle is a semi flat seat with a narrow twist. The seat has extra soft density which gives a very comfortable seat for the rider. The flap is designed to help the rider leg position as well as feel close contact on the horse.

This model comes also with the Standard panels or SL panels ($300)
Color Options; Light brown, Dark brown, Black

Our Price: $6,000.00

The JR1seat rubber is made of 2 density rubbers to maintain great comfort, and a narrow twist to allow a close contact on the horse.

The Flaps is entirely made of double Italian bull leather and a softer leather on the upper part of the flap for legs contact.

Panels are wider in shape in order to have more surface and allow better weight repartition thru the all panels for an ultimate comfort of the horse.

Saddle is available in the following colors (bi-color seat only) : Black/Light Brown, Dark Brown/Light Brown or Light Brown/Black.

The saddle can be ordered with standard panels or SL $300 extra (shoulder free) panels.

Please inquire to schedule a fitting.

Our Price: $6,900.00

The GTA is the latest jumping model designed by Erreplus with the new flat tree, best matching the modern jumping horses back lines, giving maximum freedom to the trapezius and wither of the horses.

This very comfortable saddle, gives to the rider a unique close contact feeling to the leg and great freedom of movement over jumps, thanks to the flat seat.

Seat sizes available are 16", 17", 17.5", and 18" with several flap options.

Our Price: $7,500.00