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Tested at length by the champion who gave it her name and by many other professional riders, this saddle demonstrates its excellence by improving the horse’s gait and the rider’s seat.

Our Price: $6,500.00

The Elena double flap Dressage saddle is one of the two versions of the LATEST DESIGN Dressage Saddle launched by Erreplus Italian Saddlery.
It represents the perfect combination of tradition and technology. The saddle is designed for the modern dressage horses; the big movers with deep shoulders and short backs.
This close contact saddle GIVES the rider the sensation of moving with the horse. The firm blocks on the saddle PLACE the legs in a more forward position providing support without blocking the rider's range of movement. These technical features, combined with a deeper and more open seat are PROVIDING MAXIMUM COMFORT AND GREATER PERFORMANCE TO THE RIDER
Price from : $6500 to $6800

Our Price: $6,500.00

The Vittoria Mono flap Dressage saddle, is the second version of the LATEST DESIGN Dressage Saddle launched by Erreplus Italian Saddlery.

Our Price: $6,500.00
The Freestyle The Freestyle

The Freestyle is the latest addition to Erreplus's line of dressage saddles. This model, which is very comfortable for both horse and rider, features a seat unique in its kind, favored by the use of polyurethane with a high shock-absorption coefficient. This saddle is available only with a narrow twist and, thanks to the high soft rolls, it allows complete freedom of the knee and full control of the various gaits. It is therefore suitable also for young horses that are not yet balanced when working. The saddle is not available with an open seat.*
*The Freestyle saddle has been developed together with Adelinde Cornelissen.
Prices go from $7200 to $7800

Our Price: $7,200.00
The Impulse The Impulse

The Impulse is the latest model design by Erreplus. It is a semi Deep seat with a soft density.
The flap upper part of the flap is designed to allow a closer contact of the leg, also the block can be move and angled the way you want.
Another very unique feature of the impulse is that the flap can be moved forward or backward on site.
The under part of the tree is flatter then other models for a better contact thru the all panels.
Price range: $7200 - $7500

Our Price: $7,200.00