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Freejump Spurs Freejump Spurs

Sold by pairs
ROUND END: 15mm ($80)
PRINCE OF WALES end : 25 mm ($100)
HAMMER END: 25 mm ($100)
DISK: ($130)
Available in 3 colors Black/ Black – Black/ Pearl Blue – Black / Pearl Red

Our Price: $80.00
FreeJump Classic Wide Leathers FreeJump Classic Wide Leathers

Stirrup leathers have been narrowed over the years to the detriment of the riders’ comfort. Freejump was already a trailblazer with the wider PRO GRIP leathers, and they have innovated again with the new Classic wide stirrup leathers specially developed for the recently launched SOFT’UP CLASSIC stirrups.

Available in S, M or L and black or light brown,

Our Price: $260.00
FreeJump Pro-Grip Leathers FreeJump Pro-Grip Leathers

FREEJUMP’s stirrups leathers single strap and extra wide design provide unbeatable riding comfort and the guarantee that the FREEJUMP stirrup leathers will not twist. The upper part enables an even more precise adjustment of the length than conventional stirrup leathers thanks to the use of biothane material on the back of the upper part of the leathers. The biothane reinforces the upper part of the leathers allowing more holes in the same short distance (30 holes instead of 20 as found on conventional leathers).
Available in S, M or L and black or light brown.

Our Price: $260.00
Freejump Stirrups Soft'Up Lite Freejump Stirrups Soft'Up Lite

SOFT'UP LITE : Safety, performance, resistance and reliability for the young champions.

Outer branch more flexible and now customizable.
Single-branch stirrups reduced in size (footwear up to 39/8.5 US) designed after the SOFT'UP PRO. The SOFT'UP LITE 2016 features a new flexible outer branch which helps to free the foot in case of a fall. A removable PIN'S is attached to the mini branch to customize the SOFT'UP LITE.

Color options:
Black/Black, Black/Blue, Black/Brown, Black/Red, Black/Grey, Black/Pink and Black/Navy.

Our Price: $270.00
FreeJump Air's Stirrups FreeJump Air's Stirrups

The AIR’S STIRRUPS set a new standard in the world of traditional stirrups. Made of stainless steel, with a floor mounted on Air Cushion, the AIR’S stirrup comes with a complete customization of the technical choices : eye orientation and/or inclination of the footbed. The upper polyamide headband is designed to trigger in case of high pressure to facilitate the release of the foot if necessary. The colors of the stickers, the footbed and the elastomer are customizable for a unique look.

**New dressage silver & gold options available in 2023 (pre-orders are being taken now - only flat footbed)

Our Price: $299.00
Freejump Stirrups Soft'Up Classic Freejump Stirrups Soft'Up Classic

Following the creation of the Foxy boot, resulting from a collaboration with Pénélope Leprevost and the Italian designer Pininfarina, the new freejump stirrup – with an eye set parallel to the tread and a slightly reduced size – has been specially designed for women.

The comfort, safety and technology of single-branch stirrups combined with the classicism of an eye set parallel to the tread for the first time.

Our Price: $390.00
Freejump Stirrups Soft'Up Pro+ Freejump Stirrups Soft'Up Pro+

SOFT'UP PRO PLUS is the latest version of Freejump's pro collection. They still have the same features including: single branch stirrups which combines performance, comfort, safety and simplicity. Its patented flexible outer branch made of Elastollan® helps to free the foot in case of a fall. The new Extra-wide footbed includes th exclusive SUPERGRIP non-slip studs and the inner branch set towards the front for improved stability and better foot positioning.

The SOFT'UP Pro+ is available in all black and black with red, blue, cream, green, navy, chocolate, pink, and bordeaux. Also in Premium Edition silver/black (extra $20) and Premium with Swarovksi crystal in black, pink or navy ($120 extra) .

Our Price: $415.00
FreeJump  X’Air Safe body protector FreeJump X’Air Safe body protector

The NEW Freejump X'Air Safe Body protector has the FREEJUMP Airbag Technology integrated inside the body protector for an optimum distribution of the impacts, and thus protect the rider much more effectively.

  • 8 times more protection compared to a body protection alone
  • 4 times more protection than a body protection with an airbag over it
This new body protector is meeting 2 safety standards : the NF S72 800 2022 standard of an airbag vest, and EN 13 158: 2018 level 3 standard of the Eventing body protectors.
👉 COMFORT : “2 IN 1” body protection
Weight reduction of at least 20% compared to a body protection + airbag combo.
Cartridges are smaller than for a standard airbag vest.
Laser cut inserts and foams for maximum precision. Automated assembly of the foam compartments for 100% repeatability. Elastic side adjustments for a better fitting. YKK zipper.
– Technical Fabrics : Cordura-based military-grade outer fabric for maximum abrasion resistance to tearing and UV protection. 3D mesh interior fabric for comfort and breathability.
– Technical Foams : Complex of 2 foams. Dense outer foam for shock distribution. Inner rubber foam for shock absorption and comfort (used in bulletproof vests).
Fastest gas generator, patented leash and saddle strap. Full inflation speed of 89 ms (size M), guaranteeing use whatever the height of the horse.
Made in France in our Freejump workshop.

Our Price: $1,270.00